High Power Long Life Solar Panels & Eco LED Lighting

High Power Long Life Solar Panels & Eco LED Lighting

Some time ago Energy Smart PTY Ltd started to become taken seriously in Australia. For a country so bathed in sun solar technology is an obvious choice for using renewable energy. As the technology has got better over the years, power companies have engaged in buying back power from consumers who have had solar panels installed. We are now is a great position to be able to greatly reduce your power bills.

There are two factors to consider:

1. how much energy can you create given your location and the type of solar panel you choose.

2. how much can you reduce your power usage so there is more power left over for you to sell back to the power companies.

With the government rebate offering some cash back for the cost of new solar panels many people are jumping in to getting photovoltaic panels installed. However, too many people are getting conned by shonky installers and are receiving sub par panels. These poorly made panels not only produce less energy than our quality solar panels but they have a power dropoff which means that after a couple of years they start to produce less and less, thereby becoming far less effective.

Our Quality panels come with a guarantee that they will produce peak power for more than 10 years and the droppoff that occurs in all panels is far less than 90% of all the panels available.

The other factor is reducing your power consumption and this is where LED lighting comes in. LED lights are not only safer and greener than most other forms of lighting they also use around 70% less energy and produce 300% more light than traditional incandescent bulbs and compact flouro bulbs. This means that you will use alot less energy in lighting your home, factory or office building. In fact LED lighting technology has come so far now that we can illuminate entire sports stadiums with LED lighting saving millions in energy costs for big venues and constructions.

David Tripp and Jason Hope (both electricians by trade) have long been at the leading edge of renewable energy and high power energy efficient lighting and have searched the world for the very best, most effective technology that is being produced today.