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Gynexin Side Effects

Gynexin is used in reducing enlarged breast in men. It is herbal based capsule which is used in treating gynecomastica. This condition is very embarrassing for men and this product offers them relief. In most cases enlarged boobs are caused by increase of androgen and estrogen in the body. Men who are overweight also get

SuppCyc Estrogen Detox Protocol

We are constantly being bombarded with endocrine-disrupting estrogens in today’s environment. Click here for more information The effects of these estrogens have important consequences in both men and women. In the male body, it effectively decreases testosterone. In the female body, elevated estrogen levels are linked to increased occurrence of prostate and breast cancer. Estrogen

3 Things Your Boss Should Know About Adult ADHD

What your boss needs to know about Adult ADHD I’m working hard to raise Adult ADHD awareness so that employers and people everywhere will understand it better. Fields like law enforcement and private security definitely need to evolve in this regard. First things first: As I said in yesterday’s post, Adult ADHD/ADD comes in a