3 Things Your Boss Should Know About Adult ADHD

3 Things Your Boss Should Know About Adult ADHD

What your boss needs to know about Adult ADHD
I’m working hard to raise Adult ADHD awareness so that employers and people everywhere will understand it better. Fields like law enforcement and private security definitely need to evolve in this regard.

First things first: As I said in yesterday’s post, Adult ADHD/ADD comes in a “spectrum,” not unlike Autism. When I say that I’m referring to the functioning level of each dihydrocodeine individual person.

I know a few former military members who are “high-functioning” with Adult ADHD. Yes, they made it through the screening process, psych exams, all of it. Heck – I would have been in the Canadian Army if I hadn’t stopped early on in the application process to focus on private security instead. In fact, I was an ideal candidate. Fiercely determined and stable (at the time).

We are usually very determined, capable people, but we each come with our own set of challenges to be aware of, just like non-ADHD’ers.

I decided to write this post to raise awareness for employers, since they may have applicants who admit having ADHD/ADD. Sure – most might not tell anyone, but the less ignorance out there, the better off we all are. That’s for damn sure.

Being different can be an amazing asset to a company!
Instead of an employer looking at Adult ADHD as a “bad” thing, an overall big-picture understanding must happen. That sounds like a mountain of a task, but the more we speak out about ADHD, the more the masses are learning, bit by bit. The same goes for depression, bipolar disorder, and so-on. Even Autism is being talked about more and more in the public space, which is amazing. Since roughly 1/3 of kids with Autism also have ADHD, it’s all connected. We’re slowly but surely changing things.

Here are 3 things your boss needs to know:

You’re hard-pressed to find people more determined and passionate than ADHD/ADD’ers
Though we need variety, we also “hyperfocus,” meaning we can stay on task for long periods when we’re passionate about doing the job
We’re some of the most creative, innovative people on the planet, so come to us if you’d like to innovate your company processes in some way, shape or form! We thrive on coming up with ideas others may not think of
Yes, there also needs to be mention of the possible challenges that ADHD minds may bring to the workplace, such as anxiety, frustration or distraction/goofing off. These need to be quickly addressed, with ways for ADHD minds to work off the abundance of mental energy we’ve got, helping the company all the while.

If that means an extra break or two to constructively switch gears and add variety to the possibly mundane work day, then so be it! When I say “break,” I mean an opportunity for learning to grow and advance in the company, in another area or whatever would prove beneficial to the company and employee alike. Utilize our energy and passion for success!

I know some of this is purely fantasy with certain industries and companies. I know that very, very well. However, many companies and fields are moving away from the “old-school” mindset of working employees like slaves and not helping them grow with the organization in an empowering, motivating way!