Get the Best from Essential Oils by Using Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Get the Best from Essential Oils by Using Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Greece and Rome used it to treat different types of diseases and generally boost immunity. Even after those many years, we still use it as an alternative method of treatment.

Because they work.

In case you are completely new to this concept, aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to boost a person’s mental, physical and psychological well-being. The oils are usually extracted from the leaves, flowers, stalks, barks or roots of particular plants (like cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and many others).

How essential oils work

What happens is that the molecules of the oils travel to the brain where they stimulate a number of important functions. Ultimately, depending in the oils you use, they will leave you feeling mentally sharp, physically fit, and emotionally stable.

essential oil diffuserThat is why they are perfect for, among other things, boosting mood, enhancing mental capacity, treating various types of pains, improving immunity, relieving emotional distress (like stress and anxiety) and generally staying healthy.

But first you need to get those molecules in your system before you can enjoy their benefits, and that is where aromatherapy comes in. While some people usually prefer their aromatherapy to be in form of a massage using the oils, many more opt to disperse the molecules in a room or house so that everybody who is in it can simply breathe them in with air.

The latter is definitely the best method because it is far much less tasking and you get to spread the sweet fragrance, and benefits of essential oils, to more people. To do that you need a way of dispersing the oils, and based on the technologies in the market today, your best bet is definitely an oil diffuser.

How Oil Diffusers Work

In the most basic terms, oil diffusers disperse essential oil molecules into the air in a room or set of rooms. The exact mechanism by which a diffuser disperses oil depends on its technology.

With a doTerra diffuser, one of the top leading options in the market today, you have a choice of either an ultrasonic, heat, evaporative or nebulizer diffuser.
As their names suggest, ultrasonic and heat diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations and heat respectively to disperse oil. Evaporative diffusers use a fan while nebulizers use the same technology that perfume bottles use – force.

So Why A Diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser because it comes with so many benefits. Of course top of the list is the fact that it will disperse the sweet aroma of essential oils in your home. That will enable you to get all the benefits that come with the oils.

Other than that, here are more benefits of using a diffuser:

• Disperses oil molecules over a wide area
• Can help deal with bad odors in the house
• The sweet fragrance they produce can be very uplifting
• Requires very little effort from you
• Most are very quiet and can be used in a bedroom

Remedies for headache

Essential Oils – The Best Relief to Headache

Headaches are often bearable, but can also be debilitating at times. When this happens, you cannot help but want to take over-the-counter treatments. These treatments, however, do not come without side effects. In the end, those who do not want to risk the side effects would rather suffer in silence from the pain and headaches that plague them.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to common drugs you can use to treat or relieve headache. Today, natural remedies become increasingly popular for an effective treatment of headaches. People look for natural remedies since they do not come with side effects that drugs often have. One of the most popular natural remedy for headaches today are essential oils.

Why Use Essential Oils for Headache?

Peppermint OilPeople from hundreds of years before have been using essential oils to treat a variety of illnesses, including headaches. Essential oils, more specifically aromatherapy, are a great treatment complementary to the medications you take for headache and migraines. Although the use of essential oils cannot exactly eliminate your, they can help provide comfort and relief.

Aromatherapy Background

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils extracted from plants. People from early civilizations use ancient therapy of aromatherapy. The French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse first used essential oils for this therapeutic treatment back in 1928.

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Your Headache

Different essential oils have varying healing properties. Although their names say oils, essential oils are different from the oils you usually think of. Most of them evaporates quickly and have light texture. You can find them from various parts of plants. You can take the oils from the seeds, roots, flowers, wood, leaves, bark, resin, wood and balsam.

Don’t Apply Directly Onto Skin

You can safely apply only a very few essential oils directly on to the skin. Most of them can burn or hurt you if applied directly. As such, you need carrier oils mixed into them in order to carry the oils’ essence to your skin. Before applying essential oil on your skin, you have to make sure that you do not need carrier oils for it.

Use Carrier Oils for Certain Essential Oils before Applying

You can mix carrier oils – gentle, pure oils – like grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil with essential oils if applying directly is not possible. One of the best carrier oil is the fractionated coconut oil, as it does not have any scent, light and easily washes away. You can also use butters and lotions to essential oils before application.

Apply on Wrists, Temples or on Pillows

There are several ways you can use essential oils for headaches. You can smell from its bottle to help relieve the throbbing of your head. You can also use it as a roll on and apply on your wrists and temples for relief. If you have headache and plans to sleep it off, you can use bottled essential oil blends for that. Simply sprinkle a few drops on your pillow and the scent can effectively relieve the pain. Check out the best essential oils for headache and find out what works the best for you.

Stretchy Clothes Are Ideal for New Babies

It can be difficult to find clothes that perfectly fit newborns. They can be all different sizes, and they grow so quickly. The clothes that are made for them tend to be part of a range, as well, usually between 0 and 6 months. That means that many of the clothes parents buy for their newborns won’t be perfect fits, but that’s okay.

Newborn clothing doesn’t have to be super snug. In fact, it’s better if it is little lose or even better, stretchy. Stretchy clothes allow the baby some room to grow while still being snug and comfortable. They aren’t restrictive and too tight for the baby, cutting off blood flow or making them feel uncomfortable. Instead, they mold to the baby and allow the baby to gain wait while still wearing the same clothes.

Newborns are going to keep gaining weight quickly as they grow over the next few months, if they are being fed adequately. That is part of their developmental process, and the clothes that parents buy for them need to accommodate that growing. Parents can use online resources like newborn clothing to choose from a wide selection of newborn clothing. They may want to check and see if the clothing is listed as stretchy or not, as that can make a huge difference in how well the clothes stay on the child and how well they adapt to the child’s growth.

Buying clothes that expand is a great way for parents to save money and not have to be buying all different sizes. They can focus on one basic size and have clothes that will still be comfortable their child, even as the child continues to grow. Of course, the child will eventually outgrow even the stretchiest of clothes, but buying clothes that can expand saves the parents from having to buy multiple sizes at once or having to upgrade to a larger size too soon.

Many parents may not realize right away when their child outgrows the clothes they put them in. They may be used to seeing their child in certain clothes and still assume that those fit them. By going with stretchy clothes, the child will be able to wear the clothes comfortably, even when they are getting bigger and would otherwise need a larger size.

Just How to Develop a Collaborative Work Place Like Pixar and Google

Once the Second World War finished, colleges fought to handle report enrollments. Like several colleges, the Massachusetts Institute of Engineering created some new property improvements for returning soldiers as well as their small people. Some of those improvements were called Westgate West. The structures doubled while the study laboratory for three of the best social researchers of the 20th-century and might arrive at reframing the way in which we consider workplace areas. Get a free quote from OFQ today.

Within the late 1940s, researchers Leon Festinger, Stanley Schachter, and sociologist Kurt Back started to speculate how relationships form. Why do some visitors develop enduring relationships, while some find it difficult to work through fundamental platitudes? Some specialists, including Sigmund Freud, described that friendship development might be tracked to childhood, where kids obtained the ideals, morals, and perceptions that will join or separate them later in existence. But Festinger, Schachter, and Back attacked another concept that will continue to form the considering modern prophets of office outfit.

The scientists thought that actual room was the important thing to friendship development; that “bonds will probably create the foundation of short and passive connections created likely to and at home or strolling concerning the neighborhood.”¹ within their watch, it wasn’t so much that individuals with comparable attitudes became buddies, but instead that persons who handed one another throughout the day maintained to become friends and later used similar perceptions.

Festinger and his peers contacted the pupils some weeks once they had transferred into Westgate West, and requested them to list their three best friends. The outcomes were fascinating—and they’d find hardly any related to ideals, morals, and perceptions. Forty-two percentage of the reactions were immediate neighbors. Therefore the citizen of condo 7 was most probably to record the citizens of flats 6 and eight as friends—and less inclined to record the citizens of units 9 and 10. Much more impressive, the fortunate residents of apartments 1 and 5 ended up to become typically the most popular, not simply because they been gentler or even more fascinating, but just because they occurred to reside at the end of the stairway that their upstairs neighbors were compelled to utilize to achieve the building’s second floor. Several of those unintended relationships fizzled, apparently, however in comparison towards the foreign citizens of flats 2 and 4, these in units 1 and 5 had a much better possibility of assembly a couple of kindred spirits.

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Gynexin Side Effects

Gynexin is used in reducing enlarged breast in men. It is herbal based capsule which is used in treating gynecomastica. This condition is very embarrassing for men and this product offers them relief. In most cases enlarged boobs are caused by increase of androgen and estrogen in the body. Men who are overweight also get excess fat, which forms boobs. Gynexin burns fat and therefore helps to remove the unwanted mass on the chest. However it is a good idea to know the possible side effects before you start using it.

Gynexin can be tolerated by most people.  But there are people who get adverse effects after using it. Therefore you must be cautious when using this product.  Some of the side effects of gynexin are minor and you can cope with them while using it. They go away on their own after you stop consuming the product. There are no long term and dangerous side effects reported after using gynexin. Here are some of the gynexin side effects that people have to put up with.

Allergic reaction

Just like any other product, some people may get an allergic reaction while others are completely fine.  You need to check out for any allergic reactions if you are using for the first time.  Some allergic reactions need immediate medical attention and can cause health complications if not treated.  They include itching and hives. But there are advanced ones such as swollen face, mouth, throat, tongue and breathe shortness accompanied by difficulty in breathing.

Side effects in the gastro-intestines

People have experienced gastro-intestinal side effects have reported experiencing dry mouth and feeling thirsty. The tummy was also upset after taking the gynexin formula. This calls for increase of water intake when using this product. However those have experienced IBS or Irritable Bowel Movement should not use gynexin again.

Other unknown side effects

A huge study has been carried out to check on the various side effects that come with using gynexin. But there are still many other unknown side effects of this product. It is still under study and you need to research widely on scientific findings about it before you start using it.

Gynexin is good and effective in reducing men’s boobs. All you need is to be cautious when using it. You can consult your doctor and he or she will advise if you can take the capsules or not. A full chest in men may be embarrassing and annoying, but it’s not worse than some of the nasty side effects that come with gynexin.

High Power Long Life Solar Panels & Eco LED Lighting

Some time ago Energy Smart PTY Ltd started to become taken seriously in Australia. For a country so bathed in sun solar technology is an obvious choice for using renewable energy. As the technology has got better over the years, power companies have engaged in buying back power from consumers who have had solar panels installed. We are now is a great position to be able to greatly reduce your power bills.

There are two factors to consider:

1. how much energy can you create given your location and the type of solar panel you choose.

2. how much can you reduce your power usage so there is more power left over for you to sell back to the power companies.

With the government rebate offering some cash back for the cost of new solar panels many people are jumping in to getting photovoltaic panels installed. However, too many people are getting conned by shonky installers and are receiving sub par panels. These poorly made panels not only produce less energy than our quality solar panels but they have a power dropoff which means that after a couple of years they start to produce less and less, thereby becoming far less effective.

Our Quality panels come with a guarantee that they will produce peak power for more than 10 years and the droppoff that occurs in all panels is far less than 90% of all the panels available.

The other factor is reducing your power consumption and this is where LED lighting comes in. LED lights are not only safer and greener than most other forms of lighting they also use around 70% less energy and produce 300% more light than traditional incandescent bulbs and compact flouro bulbs. This means that you will use alot less energy in lighting your home, factory or office building. In fact LED lighting technology has come so far now that we can illuminate entire sports stadiums with LED lighting saving millions in energy costs for big venues and constructions.

David Tripp and Jason Hope (both electricians by trade) have long been at the leading edge of renewable energy and high power energy efficient lighting and have searched the world for the very best, most effective technology that is being produced today.

SuppCyc Estrogen Detox Protocol

We are constantly being bombarded with endocrine-disrupting estrogens in today’s environment. Click here for more information The effects of these estrogens have important consequences in both men and women. In the male body, it effectively decreases testosterone. In the female body, elevated estrogen levels are linked to increased occurrence of prostate and breast cancer. Estrogen is a problem both for sexes due to multiple factors. Estrogens can be found in a myriad of products, from plastic bottles and food packaging, to cosmetics and shampoos, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, animal hormones, tap water, and more.1

What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is a sex hormone that is produced primarily in the ovaries in women and in the testes in men. Other tissues produce estrogen in both men and women—most importantly, fat cells.2 The male body requires very low levels of estrogen. Endogenous estrogen in men helps to maintain bone density and regulate sperm production. Excessive estrogen originates primarily from two sources: the environment and adipose (fat) tissue. Aromatase is an enzyme that is found in tissues throughout the body; it is the rate-limiting enzyme in estrogen biosynthesis, which produces estrogen from androgen. Most importantly, this enzyme is produced in body fat—therefore, the more fat a man has, the more aromatase he will produce, and consequently the higher his estrogen levels and the lower his testosterone will be. Men may have excess estrogen because of the chemical estrogens in the environment.

One of these environmental estrogens is the highly publicized chemical, bisphenol-A, better known as BPA. This chemical, along with other compounds known as xenoestrogens, resemble the endogenous forms of estrogen found in the body, but are often times significantly more potent. These xenoestrogens have notable effects on the endocrine system in humans and animals. For example, one study in the journal ToxicologyLetters found that BPA exposure led to lower testosterone and poor sexual function in both men and rats because it inhibited the production of androstenedione—the hormone from which testosterone is produced.3

Estrogen is a key constituent in the promotion of hormone-dependent breast cancer growth. According to a study published in the journal, Steroids, about 60 percent of premenopausal and 75 percent of post-menopausal breast cancer patients have estrogen-dependent carcinomas.4 A significant correlation between exposure to xenoestrogens and increased gender-related cancer risk.5

In addition to cancer, high estrogen and low testosterone are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular mortality in men.6

Estrogen Detoxification

The liver is responsible for the metabolism and detoxification of hormones, chemicals, and nutrients—including estrogen. With estrogen, the liver will process excess estrogens into compounds that can be excreted by the body. There are, in fact, three pathways through which estrogen can be metabolized; one of these is considered toxic pathway that has been linked to cancer development.

Poor gastrointestinal health and deficient flora can inhibit excretion of unwanted estrogen from the body and promote its reabsorption. A healthy gastrointestinal tract with dietary fiber in the form lignan, such as flaxseeds, can bind to estrogen in the digestive tract so that it will be excreted from the body. Consuming adequate fiber in the form of flax, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy greens will provide significant estrogen-eliminating benefits. Cruciferous vegetables are especially beneficial because of the compound indole-3-carbinol, which has been shown to bind to estrogen receptors, consequently decreasing the body’s sensitivity to other, more potent estrogens.7,8

A low-carbohydrate diet may be beneficial on two fronts. First, it will help to reduce adipose tissue in comparison to other diets,9 and thus avoid the associated increase in aromatase activity. Second, carbohydrate consumption causes the secretion of insulin; the presence of insulin—especially in excess—has been shown to alter estrogen synthesis.Insulin’s interactions with estrogen is complex, but most notably, insulin induces adipose stromal cell aromatase and tumor cell sex steroid hormone receptor expression and suppresses sex hormone-binding globulin, which may increase estrogen synthesis and bioactivity, which subsequently promotes estrogen-dependent cancers.10

The Protocol

Please consult your physician before attempting this detoxification protocol. This is not a recommendation or medical advice, this is a description of my typical estrogen detox.

I. The first rule of detox: open the pathways of elimination. (Pre-detox, 1-2 days)

This requires a gentle, natural laxative. I prefer magnesium citrate. I start around 600 mg and increase until the laxative effect is reached. This dose will be different for each individual. I complete this phase for 1-2 days before beginning the detox. Once the toxins and estrogen begin to be mobilized from the organs and fat cells, this ensures that they have a clear pathway out of the body, through the stool. If toxins and estrogen remain in the intestine for too long, they will be resorbed.

Drinking lots of pure water (reverse osmosis is preferred) is important, as toxins are also passed through the urine.

II. Fasting. (Detox Day 1)

I like to start of my detoxes with a day of fasting. This acts to reset the body’s metabolism; no insulin secretion for a day will begin to mobilize the body’s fat cells, where the body stores the majority of its toxins.

Plenty of purified water and herbal detox teas are encouraged. A good detox herbal tea should have burdock root and dandelion to support the liver, juniper berry for the kidneys, ginger, and black pepper—preferably organic.

III. Estrogen Elimination. (Detox Days 2-7)

On the second day, I begin the estrogen elimination phase. This requires Estrium or Estrium WHEY medical food and a refrigerator full of cruciferous vegetables.

Estrium works on two fronts: 1. it’s loaded with low-activity, non-soy phytoestrogens, which bind to your body’s estrogen receptors and down-regulate estrogen response; and 2. it contains flaxseed hull that were specially selected for their ability to promote healthy estrogen metabolism and healthy hormone balance.

Here’s a list of cruciferous vegetables for this detox:

Bok choy
Brussel Sprouts

There are no limits as to how much Estrium or vegetables may be consumed, but there is a minimum of 4 scoops of Estrium per day.

I steam the broccoli and cauliflower and use salt and pepper for seasoning. I usually bake the brussel sprouts and add a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil for flavor.

Plenty of pure water and herbal detox tea, daily.

IV. Phase-Out. (Days 7-10)

It’s not a great idea to end a detox with a greasy burger (a rule I’ve broken once or twice) or some other favorite junk food. When ending a detox, it is important to phase foods in gradually. Starting with whole foods and organic foods and transitioning into your “normal” diet for about 4-7 days.

That’s it; it’s not an easy program, but a successful estrogen detox should significantly increase watts per kilogram in every male cyclist. After the detox, it is good to drink some Estrium once a week or so to keep your estrogen levels low, along with an indole-3-carbinol supplement.

What is the Best Color for Kitchen Use?

If you’re wondering what the best color for kitchen use is it really depends on your actual space. What might work in one flood damage Melbourne kitchen might not work in your own room. Here are a few common design dilemmas along with the best paint color for kitchen dilemmas.

If you have a small room…

The best paint color for kitchen spaces that are small is usually going to be white. You’re also going to want to bring in a lot of glass and crystal. You can even get modern mirrored tile or mirrored backsplashes. This is all going to be very neutral, but it creates a very elegant look. It allows you to add in lots of layers and accessories without making the room feel cluttered. This can feel very modern if you have painted cabinetry. However, if your cabinets have a lot of molding on them the this is going to be very well suited to a classic kitchen style.

If your kitchen feels boring…

In this case the best color to paint kitchen spaces that are bland is going to be bolder tones. For instance if you have white cabinets then you could try painting your walls navy blue. This works better in larger spaces or rooms with lots of windows. It’s popular to have a really deep blue that is almost close to black. Then you want to bring in blue and white striped window treatments. This is going to create a nautical effect that isn’t going to be too cheesy.

You hate your cabinets…

Good kitchen colors for cabinets should be something that can be handled on large expanses of spaces. For instance if you lack a lot of architectural details in your room then you might want to bring in an antique pine hutch. You don’t have to redo all of your cabinetry with inexpensive white or custom versions. Just switching out your kitchen counters for a richer butcher block version is really going to be helpful. In modern kitchens we don’t see a lot of the wood tones but this also leads to them feeling very stark or cold. We even see a lot of wood floors although this can be quite difficult to care for. This means that you might want to go for a distressed or laminate version. Not everything in your space has to draw attention to itself or be the focal point.

Your room feels dark…

This is common in older homes. There are several ways that you can remedy this. You probably want to paint out your wood tones. This gives you the look of farmhouse kitchens. You also want to go with pastel wall colors but this doesn’t mean that your room has to be too girly. Instead, you could focus on a soft butter yellow or robin’s egg blue. These tones work brilliantly with a lot of white cabinetry and plain ceramic tile flooring. If you just have a lot of stock or standard grade items in your room then going with something like these paint colors will help you to create a focal point.

You hate your countertops…

This is a common problem if you have laminate counters. Granite counters are more popular and marble counters are more classic but both of these are quite expensive. Plus, laminate can come in a lot of funky kinds of colors. Kitchen color ideas allow you to work with what you already have. Usually painting laminate is recommended no matter what any home improvement show might tell you. Instead you want to neutralize the space around it, but still make it blend in. For instance if you have hunter green laminate that was popular a few years ago then try to go for more of an elegant classic look and stay away from the lodge style of theme. If you have oak cabinets then just stain them in a darker cherry wood. Really hunter green is something that we saw a lot of classically in marble so you can also really try to replicate this look with a more traditional kitchen design. Red and green are natural complimentary colors to each other and it gives a sense of richness to your room.

Vehicle Maintenance Are Often Insured Under Car Warranty

Having to pay for car maintenance work may become pricey. Car paint protection The good thing is that often you will get your auto repair work expenses insured within your vehicle warranty. This runs specifically true for new automobiles but it’s also possible to have it for used cars as well.

The cost of repair for the motor, engine block, transmission, clutch system, axles etc. can be very costly. If your vehicle includes a drive train or power train warranty on it, these vehicle service expenses can be drastically reduced or fully settled for by the warranty. This will save you money in the end.

Most automobile warranty firms feature wear and tear car warranty for new vehicles and some small amount of protection for pre-owned vehicles. Using the wear and tear auto warranty, you will get items that are not protected on the drive train, power train or standard warranty repaired. For example, if you have power windows for your vehicle. The standard warranties won’t include the auto maintenance expenses to have the broken motor changed. However, if you have the wear and tear automobile warranty, you may get the motor for the electric window restored at a discount because you simply cover the deductible.

It’s very aggravating to have a flat tire anywhere, not to mention on a chaotic highway. For those who have curbside support then the maintenance price for repairing the flat tire or perhaps replacing the tire entirely will be significantly reduced than without any type of curbside warranty protection.

A bumper-to-bumper car warranty could also save you cash on vehicle repair requirements. While lots of people imagine that bumper-to-bumper means the whole vehicle is insured, this is a misconception. A lot of the auto maintenance problems will be included but issues that come from wear and tear are not typically covered. The drive train or power train warranty only protects a percentage of the automobile components. Having a bumper-to-bumper automobile warranty will decrease automobile maintenance costs for other portions of the auto.

Preserving your car by the car warranty requirements is the easiest method to reduce excessive car repair bills. If an automobile is adequately looked after, there is certainly fewer over-all deterioration of the car which then leads to less vehicle repair issues. It is important to remember to inspect the transmission liquid, oil filter, oil levels and air pressure within the tires. Likewise, you need to have the engine oil replaced regularly. This makes your vehicle not just perform more efficiently but will reduce the total auto repair bills for the vehicle be it second-hand or new.

Some individuals argue that the price of preserving a car is pricey. After all, you’ve got to replace the oil, change the oil filter and stuff like that. On the other hand, running the vehicle without the servicing can wind up ruining things like the motor, the transmission and perhaps the clutch. These are really pricey repairs that most warranties of any type won’t include since the fundamental upkeep had not been performed.

Step #1 in Choosing a Social Media Consultant

In her book “Strategically Social – A Real World Roadmap To Using Social Media to Improve and Grow Your Business,” Author Jan Hyatt asserts: “I’ve researched many companies that are in the business of advising others about social media strategies and tools. I have been surprised by how few of them have implemented an effective social media strategy for themselves.” So does your social media consultant have a viable presence in social media or chat with a stranger? Have they implemented an effective social media strategy for themselves?

I’m a Social Media Expert

By now, most smart business owners realize that social media is no longer a choice and are taking steps to establish or improve their social media presence. And with social media still in its infancy, the demand for help with social media is on the rise. With business owners busy managing the day-to-day operations of their businesses, few have the time or patience to sort through the growing number of choices, learn how to navigate social networking sites, or keep up with all the tools necessary for building an effective online presence. Most small business owners simply prefer to outsource their solutions for social media to someone who already understands it.

But how do you choose the right person for the job? Telling the difference between a consultant who can deliver measurable results and one who is seeking on the job training requires your due diligence. The marketplace has become littered with people who think that because they know how to customize a Facebook business page or open a twitter account they are qualified to call themselves social media consultants. And, actually, they are … if they are offering their services as a virtual assistant or someone who knows how to build a Facebook page. However, if their use of the title Social Media Consultant insinuates they can deliver anything more, they are misleading their clients/prospects. Given that there are very loose definitions of exactly what a “social media consultant” is or does, a little research may be in order.

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all in social media. What a business needs will vary from company to company. Social media is so new and broad-based, that what works for one business is not necessarily the right mix or strategy for the next. There isn’t a viable social media model that is repeatable and sustainable for all businesses. In fact, even a Facebook business page should take into consideration a company’s unique social media objectives and clearly defined goals (i.e. increase in sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness, customer support, etc.).

When deciding on the right person (or company) to help build your social media footprint, there are many things you need to consider (i.e. his/her experience in social media, their understanding of business concepts and principle, your budget limits, how well you can work with them, etc.). The truth is, there are a host of good social media consultants to choose from, that know what they are doing and can deliver the results you are expecting. Consultants that can not only clarify the noise for you and offer sound advice and guidance, but are qualifying to grow with you and your company when you’re ready to take the next step. So how can you tell the difference?

Why not start with the obvious. Do they have a social media presence themselves? Why not start by taking a look at how they use social media to promote their own business – their social media footprint. Do you find it impressive? Are they using the sites they’re recommending? Did it give you the impression you want your customers to have when they visit your sites? Does it look like a successful implementation? Maybe you should begin the process by filtering out the “social media consultants” that don’t have a viable social media presence themselves. Anyone can learn how to retweet, how to tag, etc. These are necessary skills, but they do not in and of themselves yield business results. After all, would you pay someone for marriage advice if they’ve never been married?